About the author

About me:

I am an amateur photographer from Zurich, Switzerland. I started to take pictures a bit more seriously around beginning of 2004, when I got my first DSLR camera - an EOS 10D with 17-40/4L Canon lens.

This website is a photo collection of various subjects, kind of a personal photo bank. I have particular interest in the aviation photography - I visit numerous airshows every year, I attend the local spotters' meetings etc. Check out my dedicated aviation photography portfolio website and also, my other recent project: Airshow Reviews.

Professionally, I am an IT geek, earning my bread and butter keeping the UNIX systems running. See my LinkedIn profile for details.

My other hobbies are chess and music (I play few instruments, most often the guitar). If you want even more details or contact information, please visit my CV page.

My equipment:

Lots of it :-) probably more than I really need. Three 1Dmk3 bodies, 500/4IS and 300/2.8IS telephotos, set of good L zooms covering 17-400mm range and heaps of accessories (teleconverters, Lowepro/Thinktank bags etc). Simply said: I'm a gear addict.

I am an active member of the Canon Board - a large Polish forum related to the Canon photographic equipment.

About the gallery:

This page is generated by SGallery, a script that I have written, as I decided that none of the existing gallery systems matches my needs well enough. You can download it for free at sgallery.sourceforge.net. It is currently kind of abandoned project, but it is quite easy to extend and some of my friends used the source and adapted it to their particular needs, adding features etc.

If you want some details about the photos... maybe buy some :-D, or ask me to cover your event... or just to simply say "hello" - you are welcome to send me an email at: muflon@photosite.pl